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True Inspirational Leaders Pay It Forward

Our CEO, Danielle Dayries, is a featured columnist for #primewomensmagazine where she provides exposés on empowering women in their career transition and development. The most recent article published by @primewomen gives advice on leadership.

People can lead in many ways. Position and title describe the level of responsibility with authority, but job descriptions are less important compared to the character of true inspirational leaders who pay it forward. Everyone can have an attitude of giving back. The main quality that demonstrates being true inspirational leaders by paying it forward is to help others succeed. Several ways a leader can assist in helping others is by inspiring them, paying attention to the details of their lives, sharing their network, and being open to learning from others.

Inspirational Leaders Focus on Relationships

Inspiring others starts with building trust by focusing on the relationship. As has been stated, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Listen proactively and seek to understand to develop respect and trust. Also, paying attention to the details of people’s lives conveys sincerity. These communication skills build a strong foundation that leads to enhanced positive feelings. When recognition and appreciation are conveyed by people they respect and trust, it inspires them.

Share Your Network

Adopting an attitude of shared responsibility and common obligation to the community is selfless service to others. Pay it forward by introducing people to your network and attending functions with them. The more sharing of your network to others, the more it grows and opens up opportunities that could be beneficial to everyone. Another way is to assist job seekers by putting them in contact with hiring managers at companies where there are openings. The job seeker may be in a position to help you one day and remember how you helped them.

Be Open to Other Ideas

Lead with humility by being open to learning from others. This attitude and openness expands your knowledge by allowing others to be the teacher. When you accept diversity in others and foster collaborative learning, everyone’s wellbeing is elevated. People who feel good about the people around them and the work they do, will pay it forward for others and be true inspirational leaders. As John Quincy Adams stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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