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Speaking and Workshops

Specialty Workshops

Danielle is often requested to provide career workshops and serve as the guest career expert speaker at multiple venues including national job fairs and trade shows. Danielle’s keynotes, training sessions, and workshops instill an “I can do it!” mentality in every individual. Her strategies allow her audience to engage in their own awareness, attitude, and action plans which creates a life changing shift from stagnant to unstoppable. As a renowned expert, her significant topics of career building include asking for a raise/promotion, writing an effective cover letter/resume, and perfecting an interview. In addition to delivering ground breaking advice, she offers cutting edge job search strategies through articles in numerous high profile magazines and newspapers. She has the ability to resonate with audiences in all phases of their career.

Services Offered

Self Branding Workshop Using LinkedIn

This highly interactive workshop allows participants to bring their own laptops, and work with a personal branding professional to reconstruct their LinkedIn profile. The goal of this workshop is to showcase the benefits of using Linkedin as the ultimate self-branding platform.


  • Acquire an understanding of LinkedIn features and take advantage of them.
  • Leave with a new summary that is embedded with keywords and highlights your personal brand.
  • Understand how to build a LinkedIn network and establish business relationships that yield income.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn groups to build and boost your exposure.
  • Learn to use advanced LinkedIn search features.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the LinkedIn ‘Homepage’.


Interviewing 101

The key to a successful interview lies in the preparation and control. Professionals will gain insight that will take their interview performance to the next level.


  • Learn what questions are typically asked and how to WOW HR with your answers.
  • Anticipate challenging questions and develop persuasive responses.
  • Develop a strong closing statement that sets the stage for the salary you desire.


Resume Building Workshop

This workshop exposes industry secrets, processes, and helpful tips that will transform any individual’s resume into a powerful career advancing tool.


  • Learn to bypass ATS (applicant tracking software) and into the eyes of a human.
  • Leave with a compelling attention grabbing summary of qualifications.
  • Components of this resume can also be used for an outstanding LinkedIn profile.


Get Back to Work Quickly!

A successful job search employs a multitude of thoughtful and deliberate approaches. Participants will learn how to create an “Action Plan” and make that plan yield results.


  • Discover what HR is really looking for in a candidate.
  • Learn how to proactively pitch your relevant skills.
  • Leave with a step by step guide for performing a modern day job search.


Professional Networking

Professional networking done right is easy, comfortable, and generates lifelong results. The audience will learn to capture the essence of effective professional networking.


  • Identify key influences and double your contacts.
  • Develop a persuasive professional value proposition that highlights your strengths.
  • Tips to engage and leverage current contacts.



  • “Energetic and passionate…awesome personality…interactive…made the topic fun and approachable…great speaker…the listener didn’t just walk away with a ‘good feeling’ but armed with clear steps to be a better networker…enjoyed the exercises…excellent job search advice…key lessons that will stick…enjoyed Danielle’s method of presenting and her demeanor… genuine and engaging.”

                                                                                                      – LEDA Career Fair survey feedback

Schedule A DMD Workshop At Your Location

You can contact us here to book a workshop or other speaking event with Danielle. We can work with you to tailor a workshop or other speaking event that will fit both your needs and budget.

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