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DMD & Associates, Inc.Bespoke Resume Services.

Bespoke Resume Services.

Bespoke Resume Services.

The Resume.

With the resume process, you’ll receive:

  • An evaluation of what may have kept your original resume from capturing attention or review of a resume questionnaire if starting from scratch.
  • A comprehensive discussion information gathering process, designed to draw out your strengths, interests, and goals and identify your transferable skills. (Bonus – helps with interview preparation!)
  • An improved likelihood that your resume and cover letter will be picked up by applicant tracking software, which is often used to sift through hundreds of resumes before a person views them.
  • A brand statement, defined during our work together, which can be parlayed into additional messaging (i.e., elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile, &c.)
  • An objective third-party that can determine which areas to highlight and which to downplay.
  • Final documents in the most commonly requested formats –Word, PDF, and plain-text.

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  • “I have spent thousands of dollars in four years on multiple expert coaches and resume builders – none have exceeded my expectations like Danielle Dayries. In less than a week, she cut to the core of my needs to execute a polished product and program that allowed me to take the next step on my professional path. Thank you!”

    T. Fryoux, Financial Services Executive


  • “Danielle delivers the perfect blend of strategic career coaching combined with hands on practical tools. After our initial meeting, I had a clear vision of where I was heading with specific targets and an action plan. As a coach, she was able to provide the push I needed as both a critic and a supporter. With Danielle’s guidance, I quickly found more opportunities. Working with Danielle was the best decision I made during my career search and clearly the best value of all of the other resources I used. I only wish I had contacted her sooner! I highly recommend Danielle and will continue to work with Danielle as a trusted advisor.”

    A. Copeland, Operations Executive


  • “I highly recommend Danielle to any professional looking for a job or new career. I started working with Danielle and her company Danielle M. Dayries & Associates after being laid off from a job that I had for 15 years. Needless to say, I was not familiar with the modern day job hunt and started from ground zero. After developing a great resume, Danielle coached me through the many job search’s, networking and interviewing tools that she has used and developed successfully.

    “What impressed me the most about Danielle was her wealth of knowledge and complete dedication to her clients. She knows what works and helped me avoid the many pitfalls and time wasting that can occur during the job search process. We met several times one-on-one and she took the time to answer my questions by phone and e-mail, even after hours. She would check in after interviews and send me valuable contact information. What worked best for me was her honest and cut-to-the-chase assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. We were able to identify what I needed to work on and set the wheels in motion quickly. I start my new job with a great company in March and I couldn’t have done it without Danielle. Also, the networking information I gained during this process will help me tremendously in my ongoing career and professional development. Thanks again Danielle!”

    B. Purcell, Teacher


  • “Run  – don’t walk to DMD & Associates, Inc. if you want your phone to start ringing after you send out your resume!”

    J. Gabriel, Marketing Executive


Letters Available: Cover Letter, Thank You or Follow-up

Those who are aimed at presenting themselves as real professionals provide the employers not only with a resume, but also with a cover, thank you, and follow up letters. These documents increase the chances of interview appointment for 84%!

The Cover Letter.

Cover letters are the first thing a recruiter and hiring manager will see from you – whether in the body of an email or attached to a hard copy of your resume. We provide the professional cover letter you require, making your cover letter stand out from the pile. We prepare your cover letter as carefully as your resume itself.

While the resume is data, the cover letter is your voice. It speaks for you before the resume, highlights its key points, and shows your care for detail. DMD & Associates cover letters will:

  • Introduce you appropriately.
  • Showcase you as an individual.
  • Spotlight key strengths in your resume.
  • Demonstrate your writing abilities.
  • Make the companies want to know more about you.

The customized cover letter we create to target a particular position can be used as a template for you to personalize for future job openings of interests, therefore admixing the value of the letter beyond one use!

The Thank You Letter.

The best (and most successful) job-seekers send a thank-you letter right after a job interview — a quick email thank-you, followed by a more detailed thank-you by postal mail. At the very latest, send thank-you or follow-up letters by mail within 24 hours of an interview. You may even want to ensure that the interviewer has your thank-you letter in hand no later than end of the next day. DMD & Associates can host a de-briefing session with you after the interview and immediately craft a thank you letter designed to get the results you desire – a second interview or even a job offer!

The Follow-Up Letter.

The use of follow-up letters in the job search process are becoming more popular than ever in this competitive employment market. A follow-up letter can increase your chances of getting hired. It can give you a winning edge over other applicants. A follow-up letter is a letter that a job applicant writes to a potential employer either after submitting a resume or after an interview. A After securing the information we need about your job search situation, we can craft a follow-up letter for you that reiterates your strong points, reminds them that you are interested and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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LinkedIn Site Content Creation

We are in a Social Networking world. LinkedIn is used by corporate and third-party recruiters as a tool today probably as often as they use the databases on Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, etc. You don’t want this to look like a résumé! (Because you don’t want your employer to be concerned about your loyalty to the company.) Our approach is to make it look like you are proud of your job(s) and want anyone with whom you might network to know why.

We create or enhance your LinkedIn Site Content to maximize your professional online visibility. Only available to customers who have a resume created by DMD & Associates, Inc.

This service provides expert content development and placement for your LinkedIn social networking presence, including all LinkedIn categories that information is available for, with assistance for Testimonials and Groups.

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Executive Biography

An Executive Biography (Bio) is a one page summary of a senior-level manager’s career. It might also be used by a Salesperson or Consultant in addition to a detailed resume. It might be used as a marketing tool, an introduction for a sales call, or a brief summary for the Board of Directors before the interview. Biographies are often used in sales or press kits for artists or entrepreneurs.

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Reference Sheet

A thorough review and discussion about your references is included in this service. After analyzing and selecting the best references for your particular job search, we then provide you with a reference sheet that matches the letterhead and stationary of your resume and/or cover, thank you and follow-up letters. By having all documentation match in style and content, you are creating a personal branding strategy for use throughout every job search.

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Same Day Rush

When your order is placed by noon CST of any business day, expect to have your documents within 24 hours.  Client must call DMD & Associates, Inc. to arrange prior to ordering.

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* The above rates are for individuals, different fee structures apply to company requiring contract as part of outplacement services.

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