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DMD & Associates, Inc.On-Site Termination Assistance.

On-Site Termination Assistance.

On-Site Termination Assistance.

A critical component of your company’s change management strategy.

Correct use of outplacement helps a company plan for long-term growth and change. It encourages consistency and confidence in decision-making and minimizes precipitous action. In many companies, outplacement is seen as a standard corporate benefit akin to dental or health coverage.

Termination assistance.

Representatives of the outplacement firm are present on the day of the termination to assist in the process. An outplacement consultant meets with the terminated employee immediately after the news is delivered. The consultant’s aim is to help the terminated employee cope with his or her emotions and not burn any bridges. The consultant may also help the employee plan how to communicate the news to family, friends and others. If needed, the consultant may help the employee gather his or her belongings and make a gracious exit from the building. This first meeting begins building the trust that will be such an essential part of the employee’s relationship with the outplacement firm.

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