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DMD & Associates, Inc.Corporate Outplacement

Corporate Outplacement


DMD & Associates, Inc. provides personalized service and exceptional quality for employers who care.

We partner with our customers to provide tailored outplacement packages. Our programs are flexible – we are able to provide them remotely, in person, individually or in groups. Our approach to career transition is to treat each affected employee with the utmost respect and compassion while delivering guidance and resources that positively impact the job search.


Why Choose Outplacement?

  • Reduction in unemployment expenses. Many studies prove that outplacement significantly reduces the job search process, therefore decreasing unemployment costs.
  • It’s a social investment! Not only is your company saving money, but you are paying it forward to your local economy by providing a motivated and refocused workforce. 
  • Maintains good, working relationships with remaining employees. Many employees suffer from the “survivor” mentality during a reduction in the workforce. Outplacement can help soothe the transition.
  • Less anger from terminated employees. Terminated employees feel a wide range of emotions. Outplacement can calm anxiety and stress while redirecting their focus on the future and not the past.
  • Retains good will in the community. Terminated and surviving employees will feel appreciated and tell friends and associates that your company provided them assistance.

Our Packages typically Include:


  • Resume and Cover letter creation
  • Career Coaching Sessions on topics such as addressing emotional impact of transition, job search planning, interview rehearsals and salary negotiation sessions
  • Strategic Job Search Action Plan with built in deadlines
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Weekly Job Search and Transition Tips

*length of time per program determined by needs of employee and budget.

On Site Group Workshops

If your company is faced with separating a significant number of employees, DMD & Associates, Inc. can provide group programs that include consultant-led workshops. This approach prepares groups of candidates to manage their individual job search effectively. Furthermore, a group approach provides an economic alternative to one-on-one outplacement, and will ensure that all terminated employees are provided with the solid support they need to obtain future employment. How your organization navigates this difficult transition will make all the difference to those who are let go— and to those who remain.

What Participants Can Expect

Participants receive a DMD & Associates, Inc. “Career Transition Workbook” that includes an explanation of the program, job separation exercises, new job target identification plan, and a resume questionnaire. By participating in dynamic group sessions, employees learn how to take charge of their own job search.

Some of the topics can include:

  • Identifying career goals and the “ideal” job
  • Identifying strengths and communicating them effectively – learning how to market yourself
  • Using time effectively in an unstructured environment
  • Learning all avenues of a job search – networking, employment agencies, advertisements, and online applications
  • The use of social media platforms in the job search (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Practicing effective interviewing methods
  • Negotiating for a new position and compensation
  • Creating and implementing a job search plan.

All group sessions are staged so as to minimize the disruption of final workplace responsibilities of the employees.

Upon completion, participants should be prepared to handle their own job search with confidence. In addition to learning crucial job search skills, employees will have a professionally written resume, cover letters, and a definitive action plan to follow.

All our packages are negotiable and personalized to fit the company and employees needs – no one package is the same!

Contact DMD & Associates, Inc. today and start building a package that’s right for you!

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