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Where I Can To And Where Not To Use Ultrasonic Humidifier


A constant and suitable environment is necessary for good health and also to perform each and every task optimally. Not only that a suitable and constant environment is necessary for us but also for food products, furniture, electrical equipment etc. animate and inanimate objects. To achieve a constant and stable environment we use various types of electronic devices, and one of them is Humidifier.

To maintain a cool and comfortable environment inside our home, office or other institution we use air conditioner. But one of the striking aspect of artificial cold weather is that it makes indoor air very dry may be less than 10% of humidity. Low humidity could cause respiratory problems, dry nose and throat, difficulty in breathing and it also affects wooden furniture to shrink, books, papers and artworks could shrink and become brittle. Thus we need to maintain a constant humidity of 25 – 50% for a suitable environment. And here Humidifier comes to our rescue. There are various types of humidifier available and Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the best in class.

What is an Ultrasonic Humidifier?

It is a device which uses ultrasonic sound waves to create water droplets from a built-in water reservoir.

Since ultrasonic humidifier do not use heat, they are very energy efficient and uses much less electricity than other types of humidifier. These ultrasonic humidifiers are portable and instantly turns on and off.

Where we can use Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Since ultrasonic humidifier are portable and energy efficient so they can run on battery and you can carry them around if you are travelling. You can carry your Ultrasonic humidifier in your car while you are on the go, you can also take it with you on holiday, camping and trekking.

You can use it in your room to enjoy the cool fog coming out humidifier for a relaxing experience.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier are quite silent and do not produces much noise so you can have a sound sleep without disturbance.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier is helpful to ease symptoms of cold, sore throat or cough. Because cold dry air dries mucus, making it hard to clear from your nasal passage and making it difficult to breath and thus worsening the condition.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier are safe to use in children’s room, since it does not produce heat so there is no change of getting burns.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used in hospital for the extra comfort of patients.
  • Adequate humidity can help to prevent dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody noses, irritated vocal cords, dry cough, cracked lips etc.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used to keep indoor plants fresh, can be used to keep your valuable artworks, papers and books away from shrinking due to dry air.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used to keep your keep electric devices safe from static electricity built-up, and also to prevent dryness of moving parts which produces friction.

Where not to use Ultrasonic Humidifier

If somebody in home is allergic to mold or dust mites or has asthma, then you should consult doctor before the use of humidifier. Because high humidity favours the growth of dust mites, mildew, mold and other harmful bacteria and fungi.

Because Ultrasonic Humidifier do not use heat to sterilize water, water contaminants can be projected into the air, which user breathes in. These water contaminants could be viruses, bacteria, fungi, and minerals. Thus any pathogen present in water or growing in reservoir tank can cause contamination and some serious health problems.

  • Relatively high humidity in your home can cause dampening and condensation on the walls. This water can produce crack and puffed up appearance in your walls and damaging paint.
  • A calcium deposit “white dust” usually spread over furniture and other objects due to the presence of calcium in tap water, when you use tap water in your ultrasonic humidifier.
  • High humidity can cause short circuit and damage to your electronic devices due to damping.
  • A proper cleaning of Ultrasonic Humidifier is necessary because there is always a chance of pathogenic growth and contamination.

So, as we have gone through the benefits and also some of the precautions about Ultrasonic Humidifier, thus we can finally conclude that Ultrasonic Humidifier is a nice portable, energy efficient device and with improvements in technology chance of pathogenic contamination is also lowered, it is a nice option among all the available types of Humidifier.

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