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Why use Louisiana based DMD & Associates, Inc. to aid displaced employees in the Advertising industry?



As a local outplacement provider, we:
* Possess a deep understanding of the Louisiana job market due to our involvement with 3 Louisiana Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapters, affiliations with the Louisiana Workforce Investment board and more.

*Provide assistance to those impacted so they can get back to work quickly.

*Protect your hard-earned brand through the provision of personalized one-on-one coaching services.

*Reduce legal exposure.
*Increase employee loyalty and retention in the long term, as current employees will be happy your company took care of people during a reduction in force.

With a track record of personally tailoring our services ensure that employees are prepared to handle their new job search with confidence and will have a definitive action plan to follow while your brand is protected.

We are often requested to provide confidential quotes, even before the need for a reorganization, so feel free to contact us to secure information about our rates and packages.


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