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Top Tips To Help You Choose The Best Backpacks For Work

With so many things to carry to work- your files, laptop, lunch, smartphone, keys and perhaps water bottle, you need a bag to comfortably hold all these things. A briefcase is not a good proposition as you can’t stuff all these bulky things into it. Backpacks are a better option as they not only hold all these things, they are kept in an organized manner.

The best backpacks for work are much different from the generic backpacks students use in school; they are functional and thus help you stay organized. You thus needn’t spend hours sorting through your files, keys and notes looking for whatever you want. These backpacks have a secure and safe place for carrying your laptop or tablet and can be easily carried around.

Unlike a briefcase which you need to carry all the time, backpacks can be comfortably slung over your shoulder so that you can easily walk downtown or up a hill to your car. Moreover if you look at it with a safety perspective, both your hands remain free.

best business backpackCheck the storage space and pockets

Some things you need to look out while choosing the best backpacks to work are the number of zippered pockets it carries. You need to decide how many pockets you need to securely hold your things in the backpack. Most people prefer as many zippered pockets as possible as it helps prevent things from falling out or getting mixed up.

Check the backpack’s storage space. Though you may think that you need a backpack with lots of space, this space means you end up carrying around lots of weight. So though the backpack may be light and sturdy, be careful about the things you stuff into it. You don’t want to end up at the orthopedist because of back pain!

Workstations help keep you organized

If you are particular about keeping all your small things like keys, cell phone and pens organized in the backpack, look for backpacks with workstations. These workstations keep you organized and remind you to carry all your basic necessities to work every morning. However do not overcrowd it as too many things in one place leads to disorganization.

Padded shoulder straps are a must, and are usually a standard on the larger backpacks. They make carrying the backpack easier, especially if you sling it over one shoulder. You’ll regret buying a backpack with unpadded straps as the backpack ends up sliding down and off your shoulder.

Material and maintenance

The last feature to consider is the backpack’s ease of maintenance. It should be durable and easily cleaned with a damp cloth so that your backpack may end up looking worn out, but not ragged after a year or two of regular use.

Polyester and nylon are the most popular options. Though there may be some reasonably priced leather backpacks around which let you make a personal statement, they wear out easily. You also need to spend extra time preventing the leather from drying or cracking.

With the help of these tips, you can now surf the internet for the best backpacks to work, take a look at the features and rate of the bags, and finally make your choice.

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