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Top 3 Benefits a Spreadsheet for a Successful Search

Job searching can definitely be stressful and oftentimes has the potential to be overwhelming. Just think about it: you have to remember where you applied, if you followed up, when you applied, which resume you used; the list goes on. If you’ve submitted more resumes to more places than you can possibly remember, it’s time to start keeping a log of where and when you’ve applied to each job. To better track all your documents as well as contacts within your network, consider creating a spreadsheet. It not only helps you organize and manage your network, but it eliminates the stress that comes with searching for documents, therefore spending more time applying and less time searching.

Top 3 Benefits of Spreadsheets:

Organization: Remember the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, what about putting them on a spreadsheet? Using specific category names in your spreadsheet will help you spend more time applying to your dream job and less time searching for necessary documents and files. Try these category names: Title of position, brief position description, how and where you applied, resume used and its filename, individual contacted, comments/feedback, location of interview, time of interview, follow up, and current application status.

Network: A spreadsheet will not only allow you to track contacts, but it will serve as a reference point for connecting others within your network as well. Consider categorizing your data as: Name, how you know, who introduced you, relevant details about them, contact information (including LinkedIn), and which contact yields the most opportunity.

Technology: Spreadsheets can be created on various platforms and programs. Consider computer programs such as Microsoft word and Excel; each provide options that aid in the creation of your spreadsheet. Additionally, there are websites available specifically for creating spreadsheets like this one: Manage Your Job Search. Lastly, consider downloading an app from your phone’s app store. This will better organize your data and keep everything you need in the palm of your hand.

What are some ways you organize your documents and contacts in your network? A spreadsheet is a great alternative to helping you stay organized and on track for a successful job search.

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