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Navigate Your Job Search with a Professional Career Coach

Our CEO is thrilled to be featured as a guest columnist for Prime Women Magazine, a magazine dedicated to advising women in business, health, travel and much more! As a career expert for over 20 years, Danielle Dayries is featured in over 100 magazines and online journals, providing expose’s on career transition and development.

What would happen if you attempted to drive on a complex, ever changing highway without any mirrors on your car? Surely you would have a hard time navigating through obstacles, seeing all the options to maneuver quickly while also being aware of impending blind spots. Well, a professional career coach can serve as your own mirror for a speedy job search.

What are the responsibilities of a professional career coach?

A professional career coach is like a mirror reflecting the options available to ensure forward movement and maximum traction. They will aid you in identifying all avenues available when performing a strategic job search. From networking to LinkedIn to modern interview strategies, tapping into the resources introduced by a career coach will help you navigate the twists and turns you’ll encounter along the road to your professional future.

A career coach will also shine a light on any blind spots along the way. During coaching and strategy sessions, your coach will listen and aid you in anticipating challenges and developing strategies to approach them proactively.

A mirror that reflects the reality of what is going on behind you while driving is essential. You need to clearly see the past accomplishments and skills that have driven your success. A coach will help identify those and integrate them into your self branding strategies and a strong elevator speech. Before you know it, you’ll realize the person in the reflection has everything an employer needs in a job candidate!

So, just like you’d hire a CPA to ensure you are doing everything you can to save money, a career coach helps you save something just as valuable…time during a job search. Like a trustworthy, reliable rearview mirror, they offer a valuable service that will make your ride to the next big thing much smoother.

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