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Job Searching Through the Decades

Strategies for successfully job searching at each stage of your life.
As Published in 008 Magazine

There are several factors that you must take into account when planning your job search, including your age.  Through each stage of your life, you will need to change the way you search for jobs, the professional image you portray, and the format of your resume.  Use these inside tips to job search in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.

20s: Experience
The main goal for job searching in your 20s should be to gain as much experience as possible.  You are at the stage in your career to explore the industry and occupation you like the most, and find opportunities to develop your skills and talents in this field.  Start the job search early and use every opportunity to gain experience, including internships and volunteer work.

30s: Your Brand
You used the last decade to gain experience and develop your skills, now is the time to let them shine as you establish your personal brand.  Focus long-term goals, searching for jobs that you can continue to grow.

40s: Your Impact
At this point in your career, you should look for opportunities that allow you to make an impact.  When job searching, be certain your resume and interviews communicate your career progression and how you will use this to make a positive influence in the organization, proving to the employer why you are worth your salary.

50s: Continual Learning
The most important factor to showcase in your job search at this age is your willingness to learn.  Employers can be weary of hiring individuals at this age, due to fear that you may not care to adapt to new trends and technologies.  Let your resume do the talking by showcasing that fact that you learn quickly and have a history of adapting to new situations.

60s: Finding Meaning
In your 60’s it makes sense to look for career’s that take advantage of your wealth of knowledge.  This is also a great time to check in and see if the opportunities have personal meaning and purpose.  Your expertise in your industry makes you a perfect candidate for consulting or self-employment.

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