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News You Can Use | Getting Back in Shape for the Job Chase

As Published in 008 Magazine

With 2013 winding down and 2014 quickly approaching, it is time to decide what resolutions you will place for yourself to improve some area of your life in the New Year.  Most likely, you are thinking of ways to get back in shape, especially after all the holiday celebrations.  Why not expand that common resolution to get back into shape to your job search?

Career development has many similarities to fitness.  They are both a process that requires time, dedication, commitment, and patience.  In addition, in both areas you also have to be willing to push yourself past your limits and comfort zones in order maximize your results.  008 Career Agent has the five steps you need to take to get back in shape for the job chase.

1.     Establish specific goalsWhen you start a new fitness journey, you set specific goals for yourself, which may include decreasing your body fat percentage, being able to lift a certain amount of weight, or even decreasing the time it takes you to run a mile.  The same specific, realistic, and measurable goals should also be set for you job search.  These goals will fuel your efforts and will also allow you to evaluate their effectiveness. They can include updating your resume, developing a networking list and researching a few companies of interest.

2.     Create a new schedule.  As mentioned before, both fitness and career development require time.  The best way to ensure you are dedicating enough of your time to these areas is by scheduling out your day, setting at least one to two hours each day to searching for new job postings, networking, improving your resume, or developing new skills and experience.

3.     Embrace change.  Changing up your workout routine is an excellent way to maximize your results, and the same goes for the job search.  You should neither rely on just one website to look for job postings nor should you only use one resume to apply for all jobs.  You must change up your job searching and networking efforts to find new opportunities as well as adapt to new resume and application trends in order to achieve your goals.

4.     Create a support system.  The best way to achieve any goal is to have at least one individual who can give you the support and motivation you may need along your journey.  Find a family member or friend who can be your mentor throughout your job search, providing you with feedback and advice when you need it.

5.     Take time to recover.  Just as your body needs a break to recover from a long workout, you should also set apart time in your job search to nurture your personal life.  Give yourself a break to catch up with friend over dinner or attend family functions.  Then when it is time to start the job search, you will be refreshed and ready to chase your career dreams.

The most important thing to remember when shaping up your job search plan is that each plan is different.  As in the fitness world, not every approach will yield the same result for each professional.  You must find what works for you and your career goals as well as what fits into your lifestyle in order to be in the best shape you can be to win the job search race.

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