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DMD & Career Cycles Collaboration

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we met with Mark and the Career Cycles Team. Over the last year Mark has been a wonderful partner, and we still believe his career game, Who You are Matters, is an incredible tool that provides excellent career help and readiness when making a transition.

I specialize in career transition counseling and outplacement. My experience in this field has been the key ingredient in assisting companies worldwide keep a healthy morale and retention rate during difficult layoffs. Historically, my clients find new jobs in a median time of 3.2 months. In addition, i have maintained a 99% satisfaction record with clients. I work with businesses and HR managers of all levels and provide the necessary materials for clients’ future success. My expertise provide the stepping stool needed during the layoff period for clients to walk confidently into the next phase of their lives.

Mark Franklin of Career Cycles and creator of new career game Who You are Matters! has positively influenced a wide range of age groups as well as businesses to become empowered in their career and life decisions.

As an affiliate with Career Cycles, I had the opportunity to meet with Mark Franklin in Canada and become knowledgeable of the components, effectiveness and the benefits his career game offers the student body and career centers today. From my own first hand experience using the tool, I recommend it as a great asset and tool for students at both high school and collegiate levels during their career search.

This interactive game not only provides information, it aligns each individual with their respective career possibilities and restores their confidence for their future. As a result, they are knowledgeable and aware of their career options while learning about themselves in the process.

My hope is that this game will continue to be influential and effective in the lives of those who use it. I am excited to introduce this to college career centers and job placement specialties as a tool they can use to help students or job seekers exploring a career change. I believe Who You are Matters! is the essential tool that will transcend career centers and students everywhere. To learn more about this amazing career gem, go on to:

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