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Change the channel

Remember from your childhood, memories of collapsing on the couch after a long day of school and flicking through TV channels to find your favorite show to watch? Or finding a new show to indulge in because the others just  aren’t giving you what you want? In like manner,  the channels of your job search should be rotated and switched up. Three great channels that are sure to capture your attention are Recruitment, Networking and LinkedIn.

Let’s look at those three channels up close:

  • Recruiters

On this channel, it is all about making the cut. Just like an actor going to audition, you want to charm the audience and be remembered so you’re  the one called in for the ‘part’ aka job!   Often recruiters act as an extension of their company so if you look good, they look good.  This is one of many channels to tune into during the job search

  • Networking

This channel is full of opportunities to meet pertinent individuals that will expand your network and provide you with important contacts to assist you in your job search. These individuals can be past coworkers, a new or old friend, a colleague, or even a hiring manager.  Seek opportunities to attend various social events or meetings to broaden your network of connections.   

  • LinkedIn

Here, LinkedIn is a most sufficient social media platform to utilize during your job search. As it is another form of networking, you have the opportunity to speak directly to hiring managers by finding them on LinkedIn. Using this platform is a good opportunity to research  your potential job as well as make a good first impression during the interview.  In addition, LinkedIn provides you with job search resources and job availabilities that best suit the qualities you possess.

Try these channels for something new to watch. Want to learn more about job search channels? Read this article by Forbes. Remember, getting the variety you need is as simply as changing the channel!

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