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News You Can Use | The Fast Lane to Employment

As Published in FACE Magazine

No job seeker wants to spend all of his time in the job search, the quicker he can reach his career goal, the better.  That is the goal, right?  The quickest way for you to land a great job is to assure your efforts are effective by being aggressive and focused.  If you are ready to get the most out of your job search, use these insider tips to collect your ticket for the fast lane to your new job.

1.     Develop a Plan and Get Organized. Investing time to get organized and develop a job search plan will help speed up the job search process.  Create lists of things you need to do and people to contact and use this plan to keep you on track as you search for a job.

2.     Create Your Templates. A personalized resume and cover letter are the keys to gaining attention and landing an interview, yet this does take time that you might not have.  Instead of creating a whole new resume and cover letter each time you apply for an opening, develop a template with your basic information, which you can then briefly spruce up and customize with key words and accomplishments that are targeted to the job opening.

3.     Focus Your Efforts. Rather than wasting your time posting your resume on every job search engine, search for websites that are targeted to your geographical location or line of work.  Use key words, relevant to your career field, when searching for posting and websites.  This will eliminate any wasted time and make your efforts more effective.

4.     Get Networking. Incorporate networking efforts into each day of your job search plan.  Sending an email or LinkedIn message is a quick way to connect with people in you network and inform them of you job search.  Contact your previous bosses and coworkers, as these individuals are familiar with your work and may be able to offer you a job lead or referral.

5.     Go Social. Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook have become the quickest way for companies to advertise job opening and for job seekers to land a job.  Update your personal profiles to reflect your skills and accomplishments as well as the fact that you are actively looking for opportunities.  Join and participate in groups that are focused on your career goals.  You will also want to identify and connect with companies’ pages.  Many organizations will advertise openings on these pages thereby allowing you to quickly apply for these positions.

6.     Perfect Your Interview Skills. Be prepared will help you accelerate your job search.  Practice questions and techniques as soon as you begin the job search to assure you are prepared to ace the interview.  Make sure you have appropriate attire and copies of your resume ready so that you can go on an interview at any time.

7.     Don’t Forget to Follow Up. Following up on applications and interviews is necessary to quickly land a job.  Have everything you need for a thank you note on hand, so that you can send on directly after an interview.  You will also want to follow up on any resumes and cover letters you mailed to companies.  This will not only confirm their receipt, but also show your potential employer that you are a dedicated and focused professional.

8.     Try Something Creative. When trying to quickly find a job, you must creatively and confidently be able to sell yourself to employers.  Step out of your comfort zone and get creative with your sales and marketing tactics.  For example, you can create a video resume, blast it on YouTube, and send it to potential employers. Another technique is to send a small item with your resume to gain attention, such as a coffee cup with a note stating you would like the opportunity to meet over coffee and discuss your qualifications.  For a more traditional way to grab attention, send a small thank you note with your resume, thanking the hiring manager for reviewing your resume.  The smaller envelope will spark his interest and assure he opens it.

While your goal maybe to gain employment as soon as possible, do not neglect your career goals and interests.  It is possible for you to find a job you love in a timely manner if you use these tips to stay focused and organized on your search.  You will go from job seeker to employment before you know it!

DMD & Associates | Quick Tips

Here at DMD and Associates, Inc., we believe that your pay should be commensurate to your experience! Are you looking for a monetary raise in your current position? Check out this article from the Huffington Post on what NOT to say when asking for a raise by clicking here!
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DMD Quick Tips

It’s never too late to update your resume! In fact, sometimes the BEST time to make sure that your resume is current is when you aren’t job hunting at all! We recommend keeping your resume fresh and updated, even while employed. This will keep you from feeling rushed, pressured, or desperate during your future career search! Call us today and let us help you update your resume today and see the DMD Difference!

Did You Know | DMD Quick Facts

Did you know that according to recent numbers, the unemployment rate in New Orleans is less than a mere 7%?  Here at DMD and Associates, we’re proud to do our part to keep that number LOW by not just helping people to find jobs, but to find careers!  Do you need help in bettering your current employment situation? Give us a call today to start your new career path!

DMD and Associates Inc. on Healthcare Finance News

“Outplacement is different in healthcare,” said career counselor Danielle M. Dayries, president of Louisiana-based career services firm DMD & Associates, Inc. “It’s not that the services are different, it’s the approach we take as career counselors.”

In his feature article entitled, “Layoffs bolster outplacement services,” author for Healthcare Finance News, David Weldon, solicits career advice and expertise from Dayries.

To read the entire article, click the link here.

News You Can Use | After the Rejection

Top 3 Ways to Respond After Being Rejected from a Job

1) Review and revamp your resume and cover letter based on what you learned is important during the interview process.

2) Write a Thank You letter to the hiring manager for their time and consideration.

3) Maintain connection with any professionals you met throughout the process.

News You Can Use | Didn’t Get the Job?

Didn’t Get the Job?
How to Bounce Back in Your Job Search (As Published in Face Magazine)

What to do to make sure you land your dream job the next time…

As a job seeker, you will interview for jobs that do not ultimately result in a job offer. It is easy to become discouraged, especially after you have invested so much time in preparing for the interview. With the right attitude and approach to the situation, it will help you find the positive in what seems like a step backwards. Using these tips and tricks will keep you from getting discouraged and guide you from an interview rejection to a job offer.

Prepare Yourself: Before entering into an interview, prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes… either a job offer or rejection. This does not mean that you should enter the interview with a negative attitude. Rather, be confident that you landed the interview as many applicants do not even make it that far. View the entire experience as a chance to grow professionally and expand your network.

Separate Your Emotions: It is easy to take a job rejection personally and feel as if you are not likable or there is something else wrong with you. The truth is, hiring managers can only give the job to one person. Therefore, they are constantly turning down applicants they like or who may be great for the job. When you first start the job search, make sure to never base your self-worth on the process. Business decisions are made completely separate of personal interests or feelings.

Maintain a Professional Attitude: Despite the results of your interview, make sure to always keep your emotions in check. No matter how disappointed or angry you may feel, never take it out on the hiring manager or organization. Professionals within the same industry, even cross-industry, are always networking with each other. Therefore, taking out negative feelings will not only reduce their opinion of you but can also affect the remainder of your job search. In addition, many times, the individual offered the job turns it down, and you just might be the next person on the list.

Assess Your Own Performance: No matter how perfectly your skills fit a job opening, not communicating and demonstrating your full potential on an interview or through your resume can prevent you from being offered the job. Therefore, always assess your own performance. Find the areas you can improve upon and develop plans to correct these areas for the next opening. You should also take note of all the insight you gained through the process. By focusing on these lessons learned, you not only better yourself professionally, but also personally. Job searching can be a challenge, but utilizing the right attitude and focusing on the experience will help you make the most of the situation and make the process easier.

When you start your next job search, or even explore ways to grow in your current career, use these tips to help you deal with any rejection you might face. Just because you were not offered a position does not mean all of your efforts were a lost cause. Each experience will give you insight into what you are looking for in your career and how you can better yourself.

HR Outplacement | Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

In today’s tough economic climate, it is becoming standard for employers to offer Outplacement Services to support employees who are experiencing a downsizing, restructuring, or merger. DMD & Associates, Inc. prides itself on its ability to ease the transition for all and to bring compassion and dignity to the process. The knowledge and experience we have gathered in over the past fifteen years ensures that we offer customized, results-oriented services.

Benefits of Using Outplacement Services For Your Business:

1) Minimize risk of litigation against your company

2) Improves your company’s public image and employment brand

3) Lowers unemployment costs by reducing time during the job search process

4) Increases morale and productivity of retained employees

5) Provides a great return on investment

6) Peace of Mind knowing that your departing employees are being helped by an expert with 10+ years of experience


1) Helps reduce the stress that accompanies job loss

2) Provides superior counseling and support throughout the job search process

3) The ability to find a new position much quicker than the average job seeker

Some of the Outplacement Services provided by DMD & Associates include on-site post termination counseling, professional resume development, targeted job search action plans, interview training, and one-on-one ongoing support.

News You Can Use | The Job Search Within

The Job Search Within (As Published in Face Magazine)

As you make a fresh start for the New Year, use this guide to begin with an internal job search, to ultimately find your dream job.

As you ring in the New Year this year and develop resolutions to better yourself throughout 2013, consider the area of life where you spend around 1/2 of your day… your job. Finding an enjoyable job can not only bring more happiness into your life, but also make you more successful in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to bring your job search internal, to find yourself, and then find a job that is right for you.

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