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HR Outplacement | Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

In today’s tough economic climate, it is becoming standard for employers to offer Outplacement Services to support employees who are experiencing a downsizing, restructuring, or merger. DMD & Associates, Inc. prides itself on its ability to ease the transition for all and to bring compassion and dignity to the process. The knowledge and experience we have gathered in over the past fifteen years ensures that we offer customized, results-oriented services.

Benefits of Using Outplacement Services For Your Business:

1) Minimize risk of litigation against your company

2) Improves your company’s public image and employment brand

3) Lowers unemployment costs by reducing time during the job search process

4) Increases morale and productivity of retained employees

5) Provides a great return on investment

6) Peace of Mind knowing that your departing employees are being helped by an expert with 10+ years of experience


1) Helps reduce the stress that accompanies job loss

2) Provides superior counseling and support throughout the job search process

3) The ability to find a new position much quicker than the average job seeker

Some of the Outplacement Services provided by DMD & Associates include on-site post termination counseling, professional resume development, targeted job search action plans, interview training, and one-on-one ongoing support.

News You Can Use | The Job Search Within

The Job Search Within (As Published in Face Magazine)

As you make a fresh start for the New Year, use this guide to begin with an internal job search, to ultimately find your dream job.

As you ring in the New Year this year and develop resolutions to better yourself throughout 2013, consider the area of life where you spend around 1/2 of your day… your job. Finding an enjoyable job can not only bring more happiness into your life, but also make you more successful in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to bring your job search internal, to find yourself, and then find a job that is right for you.

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News You Can Use | What is Your Thanks Strategy?

What is Your Thanks Strategy? (As Published in 008 Magazine)

As the holidays approach, you are likely preparing the perfect family portrait, holiday cards, various gifts to send out to loved ones, and scheduling all of those holiday parties. Although this time of year can be quite busy, the season is for celebrating family and friends and to be thankful for all the important people in your life.

Yet all too often, we forget to thank those who have contributed to our professional success throughout the year. Here are the top tips to help you reach out and thank your professional network for their help this holiday season.

1) Organize Your Contacts: Your network can consist of former colleagues, previous employers, clients and other contacts you have made on the job. It is fundamental that you keep an address book with their contact information, any bits of personal information and reminders of how you are connected to them.

2) Utilize Social Media Outlets: Maintain contact with your professional network, especially those you have not contacted recently, via Facebook or LinkedIn. Send a holiday greeting expressing your gratitude for their assistance and an update on your professional progress.

3) Send a Card… or Two: Select a few individuals in your network to send a handwritten thank you letter. Include your gratitude for their contributions, an update on your current position, welcome their recommendations, and always offer to contribute to their professional development.

4) Make Time for Coffee: For those in your network that you have a closer relationship with, send invitations for coffee and lunch. This will give you an opportunity to catch up on your professional development, share resources, and express your gratitude for their assistance throughout the year.

5) Give Back: There is no better way to show your gratitude than finding ways to give back to your network. Share job openings, contacts, and other resources with individuals in your network who may be looking for a new job. You can also provide references for contacts on their business page or online profiles.

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