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Prepping for the Halloween Job Search

Halloween is here and this holiday is a lot more like your job search than you may think. We have the top three steps to take in preparing for Halloween and your job search.

halloween_introDecide what you want to be.

Just like deciding on what you are going to dress up as for Halloween, you must decide where you want to take your career. Evaluate the things you enjoy to do, your passions, experiences, and skills, determining how you can incorporate these into your career. Continue reading

How to Work a Career Fair

Fall is here and it “Career Fair Season” is in full swing, therefore it is time to start preparing for this essential part of your job search plan. These events are not only a great opportunity for you to seek out your career opportunities, but they also allow for companies to screen a large number of candidates.job-fair

The key to a successful career fair is to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting, positive impression.

Follow these ten tips to work those career fairs to make sure your efforts work for you! Continue reading

Questions to Ask in an Interview to Determine if the Job is a Perfect Fit for You!

interview-questionsInterviewing for a job is a two-way street. It is not only about selling your self to your potential employer, but is also the time for you to figure out if the position and organization are a good fit for you.  You need to use the interview to gain a solid understanding of what is expected of you and where you can take this position.  The best way to do this is by asking questions about the company and the position during your interview.

Here are the top questions to ask during an interview: Continue reading

Become A Professional Interviewee

interview9We have polled local Human Resource Managers to identify the top 5, toughest interview questions and to find out what they want to know when they ask them. These questions may be tough for you, but with proper preparation and practice, you will be able to form the right answers to showcase how you are a perfect fit for the position and the organization.

“Tell me about yourself.”
Perhaps the most common way for an HR Manager to open an interview, this is not the time to talk about your entire life history. Instead, use this introduction to give a quick, but thorough, summary of your education, training, employment history, accomplishments, and goals in relation to the job opening. Use this time to show how you are a perfect fit for the job.

“What part of your career are you most proud of?”
Our poll revealed that this question, although a great opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, is often unanswered by the candidate. It can be difficult to talk about your accomplishments without sounding like you are bragging, but when asking this question, the interviewer is looking for you to highlight one of your accomplishments in your career. More specifically, he is looking to see how you are proud of your ability to affect your employer in a positive manner. Give a brief overview of the situation and how you were successful, in addition to how your overall actions improved the company performance or value. Continue reading

6 Ways to Ensure Your Resume is Seen Online

  1. image00Be mindful of keywords.

    You not only need to catch the eye of a recruiter but also pique the interest of a software algorithm. The best way to do this is to emphasize keywords. Be sure to thoroughly read the job description and pull from it, create a list of keywords to customize your resume.

Continue reading

How to Turn Your Summer Internship Into a Full Time Job

cabinetAs you are finally getting comfortable in your summer internship, you might be imagining yourself working at the organization one day. Internships are an excellent way of gaining experience in your career field as well as testing out different companies you think you would enjoy working for. In fact, many companies use their internship programs to scout for future employees.

There are many things your can do during your internship to impress your supervisor and future colleagues, increasing your chances of turning that summer internship into a full time job.

Here our top five tips:

  1. Develop a Professional Relationships

Internships are an excellent way to grow your network. By developing professional relationships with other employees, especially your supervisors and mentors, you will gain a thorough understanding of their expectations for you. In addition, they will also be more likely to refer your for any positions that may become open.

  1. Show Initiative

It is all about going above and beyond what you are expected to do. Volunteer for projects or to complete tasks around all departments of the organization as well as to attend meetings, workshops, and seminars. This will not only impress your supervisor but also give you more experience in different areas of the organization.

  1. Follow the Rules

By following the company rules and guidelines, you are showing how you can become a positive part of the company’s culture and operations. This includes following the dress code, lunch break regulations, as well as personal use of office equipment.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Ask your supervisor for feedback and input on your performance. This will show your dedication to the job as well as allow you to address areas you might need to improve before your internship is over.

  1. Show Enthusiasm

Being an intern can sometimes mean completing mundane tasks. While you may find them boring, they are an opportunity for you to shine to your supervisor. Always demonstrate a level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and thoroughness in completing your work.

Take Your Resume Online


As the job search process continues the process of going digital, online profiles are continuing to grow in popularity. These profiles are an excellent way to increase your professional presence online as well as expand your network. In fact, 90% of first impressions now occur online.

While it will always be important to have a traditional resume, we are sharing our five favorite websites to help you take your resume online.

  1. LinkedIn,

Perhaps our favorite website for researching job opening and networking with other professionals, LinkedIn is also an excellent tool to create an online resume. Utilize the website’s resume builder and include your accomplishments, education, affiliations, and even samples of your work.

  1. Workfolio,

This website application is made for the regular professional who does not already have a creative portfolio. Importing information from your LinkedIn profile, Workfolio creates a personal website to showcase your career history and achievements as well as specific pieces of work.

  1. Vizualize,

This is our favorite tool for developing a creative resume that stands-out from the rest. Using the data from your LinkedIn profile, the website creates an infograph, which you can edit as you see fit.

Economic Benefits of Outplacement

money tree

  • Lower Your Costs: The key preventative method for managing costs of layoffs is to ensure that transitioning employees do not stay on the unemployment rolls for long. The longer a terminated employee remains on unemployment, the higher your tax exposure will be. Outplacement reduces the time it takes for individuals to find a new job. It is important to offer outplacement services to all level of employees, as some are more experienced in job searching than others.
  • Avoid Risk of Litigation: Outplacement services are also a method used to alleviate the stress carried with termination. These services help employees’ attitude stay positive about their career and their former employer. The faster individuals find employment, the less likely a suit for wrongful termination will be filed.

DMD & Associates can help you gain the economic benefits that come with outplacement services. Our team of professionals have years of experience and will ensure that your company will lower its costs and avoid risks of litigation. Please call (866) 296-8539 or email Danielle Dayries at for a consultation.

Graduation is approaching! What is your next step?

Graduation DMDTo all college seniors, graduation is almost here! It is the day you have been anticipating for years. You are filled with emotions about leaving one chapter behind to begin another. DMD & Associates, Inc. is here to help you make that change less stressful. We want you to be successful, so we are sharing information to make you aware of the job market you are about to enter.

Adecco, the nation’s leading provider of recruiting and workforce solutions, provides us with projections for the 2014 job market. According to their 2014 Job Market Perspectives, the unemployment percentage should decrease, but it will still be significantly higher than it was in 2007. Over 10 million Americans will be considered unemployed.

Many companies hesitate about hiring college graduates because they tend to be unprepared for today’s job market. DMD & Associates, Inc. will help you prepare for this intense job market! We offer customized resumes that will catch employers’ attention, interview preparation/rehearsal, and career consulting.

We hope your next step is a meeting with us!

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