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News You Can Use | Didn’t Get the Job?

Didn’t Get the Job?
How to Bounce Back in Your Job Search (As Published in Face Magazine)

What to do to make sure you land your dream job the next time…

As a job seeker, you will interview for jobs that do not ultimately result in a job offer. It is easy to become discouraged, especially after you have invested so much time in preparing for the interview. With the right attitude and approach to the situation, it will help you find the positive in what seems like a step backwards. Using these tips and tricks will keep you from getting discouraged and guide you from an interview rejection to a job offer.

Prepare Yourself: Before entering into an interview, prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes… either a job offer or rejection. This does not mean that you should enter the interview with a negative attitude. Rather, be confident that you landed the interview as many applicants do not even make it that far. View the entire experience as a chance to grow professionally and expand your network.

Separate Your Emotions: It is easy to take a job rejection personally and feel as if you are not likable or there is something else wrong with you. The truth is, hiring managers can only give the job to one person. Therefore, they are constantly turning down applicants they like or who may be great for the job. When you first start the job search, make sure to never base your self-worth on the process. Business decisions are made completely separate of personal interests or feelings.

Maintain a Professional Attitude: Despite the results of your interview, make sure to always keep your emotions in check. No matter how disappointed or angry you may feel, never take it out on the hiring manager or organization. Professionals within the same industry, even cross-industry, are always networking with each other. Therefore, taking out negative feelings will not only reduce their opinion of you but can also affect the remainder of your job search. In addition, many times, the individual offered the job turns it down, and you just might be the next person on the list.

Assess Your Own Performance: No matter how perfectly your skills fit a job opening, not communicating and demonstrating your full potential on an interview or through your resume can prevent you from being offered the job. Therefore, always assess your own performance. Find the areas you can improve upon and develop plans to correct these areas for the next opening. You should also take note of all the insight you gained through the process. By focusing on these lessons learned, you not only better yourself professionally, but also personally. Job searching can be a challenge, but utilizing the right attitude and focusing on the experience will help you make the most of the situation and make the process easier.

When you start your next job search, or even explore ways to grow in your current career, use these tips to help you deal with any rejection you might face. Just because you were not offered a position does not mean all of your efforts were a lost cause. Each experience will give you insight into what you are looking for in your career and how you can better yourself.

HR Outplacement | Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

In today’s tough economic climate, it is becoming standard for employers to offer Outplacement Services to support employees who are experiencing a downsizing, restructuring, or merger. DMD & Associates, Inc. prides itself on its ability to ease the transition for all and to bring compassion and dignity to the process. The knowledge and experience we have gathered in over the past fifteen years ensures that we offer customized, results-oriented services.

Benefits of Using Outplacement Services For Your Business:

1) Minimize risk of litigation against your company

2) Improves your company’s public image and employment brand

3) Lowers unemployment costs by reducing time during the job search process

4) Increases morale and productivity of retained employees

5) Provides a great return on investment

6) Peace of Mind knowing that your departing employees are being helped by an expert with 10+ years of experience


1) Helps reduce the stress that accompanies job loss

2) Provides superior counseling and support throughout the job search process

3) The ability to find a new position much quicker than the average job seeker

Some of the Outplacement Services provided by DMD & Associates include on-site post termination counseling, professional resume development, targeted job search action plans, interview training, and one-on-one ongoing support.

News You Can Use | The Job Search Within

The Job Search Within (As Published in Face Magazine)

As you make a fresh start for the New Year, use this guide to begin with an internal job search, to ultimately find your dream job.

As you ring in the New Year this year and develop resolutions to better yourself throughout 2013, consider the area of life where you spend around 1/2 of your day… your job. Finding an enjoyable job can not only bring more happiness into your life, but also make you more successful in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to bring your job search internal, to find yourself, and then find a job that is right for you.

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News You Can Use | What is Your Thanks Strategy?

What is Your Thanks Strategy? (As Published in 008 Magazine)

As the holidays approach, you are likely preparing the perfect family portrait, holiday cards, various gifts to send out to loved ones, and scheduling all of those holiday parties. Although this time of year can be quite busy, the season is for celebrating family and friends and to be thankful for all the important people in your life.

Yet all too often, we forget to thank those who have contributed to our professional success throughout the year. Here are the top tips to help you reach out and thank your professional network for their help this holiday season.

1) Organize Your Contacts: Your network can consist of former colleagues, previous employers, clients and other contacts you have made on the job. It is fundamental that you keep an address book with their contact information, any bits of personal information and reminders of how you are connected to them.

2) Utilize Social Media Outlets: Maintain contact with your professional network, especially those you have not contacted recently, via Facebook or LinkedIn. Send a holiday greeting expressing your gratitude for their assistance and an update on your professional progress.

3) Send a Card… or Two: Select a few individuals in your network to send a handwritten thank you letter. Include your gratitude for their contributions, an update on your current position, welcome their recommendations, and always offer to contribute to their professional development.

4) Make Time for Coffee: For those in your network that you have a closer relationship with, send invitations for coffee and lunch. This will give you an opportunity to catch up on your professional development, share resources, and express your gratitude for their assistance throughout the year.

5) Give Back: There is no better way to show your gratitude than finding ways to give back to your network. Share job openings, contacts, and other resources with individuals in your network who may be looking for a new job. You can also provide references for contacts on their business page or online profiles.

Shower Arm – Finding The Right Shower Arm That Is Most Suitable For You

best shower arms

Fixing the shower for your bathroom may look easy but in a real sense, it is not as easy as you may think.

You need to make some critical observations before you acquire any shower head for your bathroom. It is advisable to look for the best shower arms that fits your bathroom. The most suitable shower for your bathroom will be determined by the amount of space available in your bathroom or the final effect you intend to achieve; whether the gentle rain effect or the power shower effect. Your shower arm series should also lower the shower head appropriately in relation to the water outlet. A variety of shower arm series is available at your discretion.

Fixed shower arms

These are your standard, low-key style shower heads that are normally fixed on your bathroom wall with no provisions for adjustments of the shower head. Some of the different types of fixed shower arms include the "S" style shower arm, the right angle shower arm and the ceiling mounted straight shower arm. The fixed shower arm series is ideally convenient for the elderly as well as people with disabilities as no operation is involved.

Adjustable shower arms

This kind of shower arm series enables you to install a wide variety of shower heads at various angles. Shower arms that are adjustable are usually more expensive than fixed ones. Some may leak due to the adjustable parts, but if you find one that is of good quality, leaking would be the least of your worries. If you are unsure about sizing and are using a shower diverter to transform your bath with an overhead shower, then you might consider going for an adjustable shower arm for the perfect fit. Adjustable shower arms are ideal for large shower areas where the shower spray can reach longer distances than your average shower area.

Shower arm extensions

An extension for your shower arm enables you to raise, lower or modify the shower head angle without needing to replace the entire shower arm. If the shower arm is not easily accessible, the extension then becomes more practical as it allows for the placement of a larger shower head without necessarily having to replace the entire shower. Complete flexibility of the shower may be achieved by using a hose. Hoses are available in a variety of colors with metallic finishes of oil rubbed bronze, chrome or brushed nickel.

Points to note

When looking for a shower arm, ensure you get the dimensions right as it would be a great inconvenience to fix a shower arm that doesn't fit into the water outlet. It is also worth noting that some shower arms have a Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS) rating, which simply means they are built to ensure efficient use of water. This would go a long way in helping you lower your bills. Installing a shower does not require specialized knowledge in plumbing apart from turning off the water circuit. You should start by installing the shower arm series from the wall, followed by the extension and then finally the shower head. This way, it is easy to trace any leaks and tighten the connections.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Spout – what's shower arm most suitable for you?

Choosing a shower arm is quite an interesting task. This is because they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some people may choose shower arms based on their appealing looks, but end up with products that do not fit what they really needed.

Choosing a single shower arm from a large variety requires you to consider something that is appealing to the eye and can also serve you for a long time. Here are tips to help you do just that:

1.   Quality

Choose only high-quality products that will serve you for a long time. This will ensure that you do not keep on replacing your shower arm because of leaks and breakages here and there. Go for the most reputable brands with great reviews. Try and look for the ones with a Water Efficiency Labelling Standards rating. Such shower arms are built to guarantee efficient use of water.

On the other hand, beware of shower arms sold at very cheap prices. Most of them tend to be of low quality. Remember, it is said that cheap is always expensive.

2.   The Right Fit

It's important to keep close attention to the size of the shower arm. Ensure that you choose one that will fit well onto your shower head. You can take pictures of your showerhead, as well as the measurements. This will help you choose something that will fit right and will not give you a hard time installing.

3.   Design

Take your time to go through the various designs available in the market to find what fits your preference.

You can go for a multi-arm shower extension that will give you a choice of having it very high or low according to your preference.

You can also choose one that is to be mounted on the ceiling or one that can go down to a very low level of the type with an S-configuration. This latter type is recommended by many because it comes as a single piece and it is not complicated in installing. The bottom-line, just go for the design that will do exactly what you need.

4.    Finish

Try to choose a shower arm that will blend with everything in your bathroom. This ensures that there are no clashes in design between appliances in the bathroom. To do this, choose a color that does not contrast with other appliances in the room.

If you have a brass shower head, go for a shower arm made of brass. On the other hand, if your shower head is made of chrome, choose a shower arm made of chrome. Try and match modern with modern. An old style shower head fixed onto an ultra-modern style shower arm just looks weird!

5.    Installation

It is also important to consider the installation process. Go for products that will not give you a hard time installing. Best of all, select those that you can install by yourself.

These tips will help you a great deal in selecting the perfect type of spout in the shower arm series. Consider them anytime you need to select your ideal shower arm.

How To Clean A Mattress Stain


With such a variety of sorts of materials that can stain your sleeping cushion, it's vital to have your tools prepared and with only a little learning and knowledge, you can tidy up most bedding stains rapidly simply like the stain never happened in any case. The most important thing to remember is that you have to manage the stain immediately. The sooner you attempt to clean the stain, the less demanding it will be to get the stain out. Regardless of the fact that it is the center of the night, and all you need to do is backpedal to rest, don't offer into allurement and simply conceal the stain with a towel and backtrack to rest. You will get more rest that night, yet you could wind up demolishing your matters. So if you corious about mattrasses – this link can be interesting to you .

The following are steps in cleaning your mattress:

Regular Cleaning

1 .Vacuum the mattress. This keeps it clean by the sheer truth that when it gets wet, there is less matter in the earth to make it stain.

2.Have a go at utilizing an upholstery cleaner.Since they are made for surfaces that touch your skin it ought to work unless you are to a great degree touchy to cleaners when all is said in done. It likewise has the upside of evacuating dust mites and their cannot.3.Use enzyme cleaners. Catalyst cleaners are successful in separating the "structure" of the stains which reduces them.

Unidentified Mattress Stains

1 Splash it with a citrus sort cleaner and let it set for around five minutes. A while later, blotch (don't rub) as a significant part of the cleaner out as you can utilizing a spotless, white, spongy material. A gentle dish cleanser can likewise be utilized.

Blood Stainsl .Use hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the sleeping cushion and smear it while it is percolating. This may not evacuate all the stain, but rather will reduce it. Make sure to smudge it with a perfect, white, dry fabric

2.   Create a baking soda solution. Blend one section preparing pop and two sections chilly water in an expansive dish to make an answer. Apply it on the range utilizing a perfect fabric and let it sit for 30 minutes. Utilize a fabric damped in chilly water to flush the remaining arrangement and afterward apply a dry towel to ingest the dampness.

3.   Apply detergent. Blend 1 tablespoon of fluid dish washing cleanser with some cool water in a dish. Douse a white fabric in the arrangement and apply to the influenced zone. Delicately brush the influenced region with a toothbrush and wash the arrangement by smudging with a wet material. Utilize a material towel to dry the recolored range.

Cigarette Odor Removal

1 Launder your linens frequently. In the event that you smoke, you ought to do this much more regularly than you would on a common premise. This will keep the scent from being so pervasive.

2.Spray the odor out. Utilize two huge jars of Lysol shower (one for every side) and immerse the bedding.

Give it a chance to dry for several days and after that catch up with two huge containers of Febreze. Place a hypoallergenic bedding cushion spread on.

Mold and Mildew Removal

1 .Give your sleeping pads a 'suntan'. These sorts of stains are created by a lot of dampness. Take a stab at taking your bedding outside on a splendid, sunny day and let the sun dry it out. Attempt to uproot the overabundance shape and buildup by wiping or clearing it off.

2.Use a common disinfectant.Items, for example, Lysol will kill any spores that wait.

Urine Stains and Odor

1 Use an enzyme based cleaning product.These digest the uric corrosive gems at the wellspring of the stain. Shower the stain and deliberately blotch it.

2.Once dry, shake preparing pop over it. Give it a chance to set overnight and vacuum it the next day.

You can likewise make a blend utilizing 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 3 tablespoons of preparing pop. This works best as a spray.

Removing Stains Caused By Colored Drinks

1 Use a citrus cleaner or vinegar. Apply both of these as a shower or onto a spotless white fabric. The corrosive in them will evacuate the stains.

2.Apply rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing liquor. Liquor will convey the stain further. Smear the stain with a perfect spongy material absorbed rubbing liquor, instead of pouring it on the stain.

Regardless of the possibility that you know how to clean bedding stains utilizing the above systems, you will some time or another face a stain that won't turn out. That is the reason it is imperative to recollect that anticipating stains in any case is the best assurance you can give your sleeping pad.

Where I Can To And Where Not To Use Ultrasonic Humidifier


A constant and suitable environment is necessary for good health and also to perform each and every task optimally. Not only that a suitable and constant environment is necessary for us but also for food products, furniture, electrical equipment etc. animate and inanimate objects. To achieve a constant and stable environment we use various types of electronic devices, and one of them is Humidifier.

To maintain a cool and comfortable environment inside our home, office or other institution we use air conditioner. But one of the striking aspect of artificial cold weather is that it makes indoor air very dry may be less than 10% of humidity. Low humidity could cause respiratory problems, dry nose and throat, difficulty in breathing and it also affects wooden furniture to shrink, books, papers and artworks could shrink and become brittle. Thus we need to maintain a constant humidity of 25 – 50% for a suitable environment. And here Humidifier comes to our rescue. There are various types of humidifier available and Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the best in class.

What is an Ultrasonic Humidifier?

It is a device which uses ultrasonic sound waves to create water droplets from a built-in water reservoir.

Since ultrasonic humidifier do not use heat, they are very energy efficient and uses much less electricity than other types of humidifier. These ultrasonic humidifiers are portable and instantly turns on and off.

Where we can use Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Since ultrasonic humidifier are portable and energy efficient so they can run on battery and you can carry them around if you are travelling. You can carry your Ultrasonic humidifier in your car while you are on the go, you can also take it with you on holiday, camping and trekking.

You can use it in your room to enjoy the cool fog coming out humidifier for a relaxing experience.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier are quite silent and do not produces much noise so you can have a sound sleep without disturbance.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier is helpful to ease symptoms of cold, sore throat or cough. Because cold dry air dries mucus, making it hard to clear from your nasal passage and making it difficult to breath and thus worsening the condition.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier are safe to use in children’s room, since it does not produce heat so there is no change of getting burns.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used in hospital for the extra comfort of patients.
  • Adequate humidity can help to prevent dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat, nose irritation, bloody noses, irritated vocal cords, dry cough, cracked lips etc.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used to keep indoor plants fresh, can be used to keep your valuable artworks, papers and books away from shrinking due to dry air.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier can be used to keep your keep electric devices safe from static electricity built-up, and also to prevent dryness of moving parts which produces friction.

Where not to use Ultrasonic Humidifier

If somebody in home is allergic to mold or dust mites or has asthma, then you should consult doctor before the use of humidifier. Because high humidity favours the growth of dust mites, mildew, mold and other harmful bacteria and fungi.

Because Ultrasonic Humidifier do not use heat to sterilize water, water contaminants can be projected into the air, which user breathes in. These water contaminants could be viruses, bacteria, fungi, and minerals. Thus any pathogen present in water or growing in reservoir tank can cause contamination and some serious health problems.

  • Relatively high humidity in your home can cause dampening and condensation on the walls. This water can produce crack and puffed up appearance in your walls and damaging paint.
  • A calcium deposit “white dust” usually spread over furniture and other objects due to the presence of calcium in tap water, when you use tap water in your ultrasonic humidifier.
  • High humidity can cause short circuit and damage to your electronic devices due to damping.
  • A proper cleaning of Ultrasonic Humidifier is necessary because there is always a chance of pathogenic growth and contamination.

So, as we have gone through the benefits and also some of the precautions about Ultrasonic Humidifier, thus we can finally conclude that Ultrasonic Humidifier is a nice portable, energy efficient device and with improvements in technology chance of pathogenic contamination is also lowered, it is a nice option among all the available types of Humidifier.

Top Tips To Help You Choose The Best Backpacks For Work

With so many things to carry to work- your files, laptop, lunch, smartphone, keys and perhaps water bottle, you need a bag to comfortably hold all these things. A briefcase is not a good proposition as you can’t stuff all these bulky things into it. Backpacks are a better option as they not only hold all these things, they are kept in an organized manner.

The best backpacks for work are much different from the generic backpacks students use in school; they are functional and thus help you stay organized. You thus needn’t spend hours sorting through your files, keys and notes looking for whatever you want. These backpacks have a secure and safe place for carrying your laptop or tablet and can be easily carried around.

Unlike a briefcase which you need to carry all the time, backpacks can be comfortably slung over your shoulder so that you can easily walk downtown or up a hill to your car. Moreover if you look at it with a safety perspective, both your hands remain free.

best business backpackCheck the storage space and pockets

Some things you need to look out while choosing the best backpacks to work are the number of zippered pockets it carries. You need to decide how many pockets you need to securely hold your things in the backpack. Most people prefer as many zippered pockets as possible as it helps prevent things from falling out or getting mixed up.

Check the backpack’s storage space. Though you may think that you need a backpack with lots of space, this space means you end up carrying around lots of weight. So though the backpack may be light and sturdy, be careful about the things you stuff into it. You don’t want to end up at the orthopedist because of back pain!

Workstations help keep you organized

If you are particular about keeping all your small things like keys, cell phone and pens organized in the backpack, look for backpacks with workstations. These workstations keep you organized and remind you to carry all your basic necessities to work every morning. However do not overcrowd it as too many things in one place leads to disorganization.

Padded shoulder straps are a must, and are usually a standard on the larger backpacks. They make carrying the backpack easier, especially if you sling it over one shoulder. You’ll regret buying a backpack with unpadded straps as the backpack ends up sliding down and off your shoulder.

Material and maintenance

The last feature to consider is the backpack’s ease of maintenance. It should be durable and easily cleaned with a damp cloth so that your backpack may end up looking worn out, but not ragged after a year or two of regular use.

Polyester and nylon are the most popular options. Though there may be some reasonably priced leather backpacks around which let you make a personal statement, they wear out easily. You also need to spend extra time preventing the leather from drying or cracking.

With the help of these tips, you can now surf the internet for the best backpacks to work, take a look at the features and rate of the bags, and finally make your choice.

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